RexaZyte – The Science

The effectiveness of penis enlargement pills has long been the subject of many debates. Nutritionists, fitness experts, physicians, and researchers have all weighed in, and the results are irrefutable – penis enlargement could be achieved with male enhancement pills. The data available on reputable government websites ensure the public that with the right conditions, penis enlargement is at the very least plausible.

For years, male enhancement pills had the reputation of being scams and fakes – not that it’s the public’s fault. Various supplement companies have made outrageous claims, which only made their customers disappointed. In the supplement industry, trust is earned. And there’s no better way to earn the customers’ trust other than by creating a solid proof that the formula really works.

RexaZyte is one of the first male enhancement supplements that has proven that penis enlargement is 100% possible with male enhancement pills. RexaZyte combined the benefits of modern supplements and traditional medicine to create the best male enhancement pill on the market today.

RexaZyte had only been around for a few months, and in that short duration, it had already made waves. Various bloggers, supplement testers, and industry critics have vetted the effectiveness of RexaZyte as a premier male enhancement formula, and now, RexaZyte is widely-regarded as the best penis enlargement pill of 2016. Being the best male enhancement pill on the market is not just a lucky break for RexaZyte. The unbeatable combination of science, technology, ingenuity, and creativity made it all possible.

What’s inside RexaZyte?

RexaZyte is classified as a supplement and not as a drug, which is why it has to have 100% all natural ingredients. RexaZyte contains compounds that are derived from natural sources, which means that you would not have to secure a prescription to buy and/or take RexaZyte.

The ingredients of RexaZyte could be classified according to its effects on the body. Keep in mind that these ingredients are specifically combined together to achieve a collective result. It all starts with the key vasodilators that makes all the difference.


Vasodilators are ingredients that dilate blood vessels so blood can flow more freely. Dilated blood vessels reduce blood pressure and increase the amount of blood that flows through the arteries. The vasodilation effect alone would be enough to potentiate erections, especially in older men. The change in circulation caused by RexaZyte would alleviate the most common causes of erectile dysfunction such as occlusion (blockage due to plaque/atherosclerosis) or stenosis (abnormal narrowing of blood vessels). As a penis enlargement catalyst, RexaZyte greatly increases the amount of blood that flows to the penis. As a result, the elastic penile tissue expands gradually, which makes it longer and thicker in appearance.

PDE-5 inhibitors

PDE-5 inhibitors are the key ingredients of RexaZyte that mimic the effects of popular erectile dysfunction medicine such as Viagra and Cialis. These ingredients usually double as aphrodisiacs due to their natural dual-effect on male sexual health. As the category implies, PDE-5 inhibitors control the effects of phosphodiesterase-5, the compound that restricts the action of cGMP. PDE-5 inhibitors work in synergy with the vasodilators in RexaZyte. The main vasodilator compound, L-Arginine, is a precursor for Nitric Oxide. Nitric oxide when combined with GMP, forms cGMP, which relaxes the smooth muscles that line the arteries, so it could expand and allow more blood to flow. PDE-5 restricts the effects of cGMP on the smooth muscles, and inhibiting it with PDE-5 inhibitors would greatly intensify the effects of the vasodilators in RexaZyte.

Testosterone Boosters

Testosterone boosters are key ingredients that affect the libido of the user. The key role of testosterone boosters is to increase the instances of sexual arousal of the user. The libido of the user determines the duration and frequency of the user’s erection, which greatly contributes to the progress of the penis enlargement effect of the product. In a nutshell, the testosterone boosters do just as much for the “pleasure” effect of RexaZyte as it does for its penis enlargement effects. Testosterone boosters enhance the signals in the brain that causes blood vessels in certain parts of the body to constrict to increase or normalize the blood pressure in the artery that feeds blood to the penis. This effect greatly potentiates the user’s erection, and it speeds up the penis enlargement process.

Hormone balancers

The key hormone balancers are responsible for the efficient usage of the nutrients in RexaZyte. Much of the RexaZyte ingredients are meant to increase testosterone, and most of these are put to waste, especially after the user experiences an orgasm. As a man experiences an orgasm, the body essentially lowers its zinc levels. Zinc is the primary mineral responsible for free testosterone. That’s the reason why men greatly reduce their sexual appetite following an orgasm. The period of rest after having an orgasm is known as the refractory period, and it ranges between 15 minutes to days. The refractory period lasts longer as men age, and these hormone balancers are necessary to beef up a man’s sexual health regardless of age. Hormone balancers work by inhibiting key neurotransmitters known as oxytocin and prolactin. These neurotransmitters are primarily responsible for prolonging the refractory period. By inhibiting prolactin and oxytocin, users can achieve full control over how frequent and how intense they want their orgasms to be.

How the Science Comes Full Circle

When it comes to penis enlargement, it’s all about improving the circulation of blood to a point that it would influence the expansion of penile tissue. It’s a simple concept, but no other male enhancement supplement has ever made it possible, until RexaZyte.

RexaZyte combines the most effective ingredients to not only increase the amount of blood that flows to the penis, but the factors that influence erections in the first place. By increasing the instances of erections and improving the satisfaction of the user, it would create better conditions in the body that ultimately leads to penis enlargement.

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